Benchtop Grow

I built this chamber on my own, as part of my senior research project at Purchase College, SUNY (2016).  It is an automated environmental control chamber, specialized for use in growing Arabidopsis thaliana.  It controls for lighting, watering cycles, air temperature, humidity, and soil saturation cycles.  The device is friendly to modification, given the user has some bearings programming in Java.  Much of the 'thinking' is done by the microcontroller, significantly decreasing the burden of circuit design.



The device shown here is a sample mixer I jointly designed with Winfield Greene (whom modeled the body of the device in SolidWorks).  The device was designed to mix <20 microliter samples, consolidate stray droplets, and to be integrated into an OpenTrons sample manager.  


As an avocation, I design/build custom electronic instruments for use in scientific research

DO Controller

The device shown on the below is a dissolved oxygen controller that I replicated from a 20 year-old prototype.  The original was built from a scientific paper, though that article and designs could not be located. so I was charged with replicating the existing (but broken) device.  It takes analog measurements for dissolved oxygen in an aqeuous system.  The potentiometer (dial) defines the proper oxygen concentration, which is actuated by the solenoid valve.

gallery/disolved oxygen controller

Tool Holder for Ambulance

This simple tool rack was designed to hold commonly used things like pens, shears, and penlights.  It significantly reduced the need for EMTs to leave their seats during transit with a patient, leading to greater safety of all occupants in the back. Two of these are in use on the ambulances of the Brewster Fire Department.